3 benefits of working with an AEO certified partner

3 benefits of working with an AEO certified partner

It is crucial for your business that your transports run smoothly, not only within Europe, but also abroad. Since 9/11 a lot has changed, especially in international trade.

In September 2010, we obtained the Authorized Economic Operator or AEO certificate. It is actually a partnership with the customs authorities. We obtained a combination of customs simplification (AEOC) and security and safety (AEOS) The principle is very clear: having a secured supply chain, from the producer until the buyer of the goods.

Download an overview of responsibilities of each party concering the legislation of cargo securing and weight distribution in Belgium.


What our the benefits of working with an AEO certified partner

Working with an AEO certified company gives you some direct and indirect benefits:

  • For starters you have an easier admittance to customs simplifications. You can also be sure that you work with a trustful partner who has good understandings with customs and other authorities.
  • Another benefit is that customs will trust a certified company more easily and perform fewer physical and document-based inspections. When they want to perform a control, a certified company gets priority. Moreover it is allowed to choose to have the control on a certain place. All this means that your transports will have a faster transit time.
  • If you work with a company who also has the AEOS (Security & Safety) certificate, there is a mutual recognition with third countries and a prior notification in case a physical control is requested (related to safety and security). There will be less theft and loss of cargo and planning can be improved.

When a company is AEO certified, it needs to be continuously updated and informed about the regulations concerning customs and international trade.

The customs refreshment course of a few weeks ago in our office proves that we take this very seriously!

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