Daily promotions

With this online tool, we try to optimize the available loading capacity of our tilt trucks and at the same time, to reduce empty kilometers .
Available capacities will be offered in the market, against competitive spot rates .
These offers exclude customs related cargo and are based on 1 single loading and 1 single unloading place, without intermediate multistop, time slot bookings and without pallet exchange .

Free loading time: 1 hour

Free unloading time: 1 hour

Additional hour(s): € 35,-/hour

Terms of payment: 30 days from date of invoice

VEDROVA principally accepts all types of transport-worthy packed B2B goods, with the exception of funds, personal effects, tobacco, alcohol, vehicles, jewelry, precious metals, art and cultural objects, removal goods, excise goods, values, odourous goods, live animals, waste and hazardous goods of Classes 1, 6.2 and 7 (ADR) .
All our operations are subject to the Vedrova General Conditions .
The company who makes the transport booking, is also responsible to pay the transport costs .
Please keep in mind that dates of loading and unloading, as well as leadtimes, are subject to daily availability .
For time sensitive consignments, we kindly ask you to contact our staff directly, in order to organize an appropriate solution .

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