Deficit of Polish-Ukrainian permits

Deficit of Polish-Ukrainian permits

When you want to transport cargo to Ukraine with border crossing Poland and vice versa, the transport company needs to have a permit. Without a permit, it is not possible to cross the border.

What is currently going on?

In 2018, Ukrainian transport companies received 200 000 permits. Economy was growing and therefore Ukraine demanded 230 000 permits for 2019.
Instead of more, they received 40 000 permits less. According to Polish economy experts, this reduction helps to protect carriers in the Polish domestic market.

What is the effect on your business with Ukraine?

As a result there is already a lack of Polish-Ukrainian permits on the market. It has a major impact on the availability of trucks, pré-advise and unfortunately the prices for transports to Ukraine are rising as well.

What to do?

We want to advice our clients to be aware of this situation, when selling cargo and ordering transports. Always check with your transport partners the options, before promising a delivery to your customers.

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