Into the future at top speed

Into the future at top speed

What is happening in the transport sector?

The transport sector is evolving at unseen speeds. As a transport company you have to stand out as much as possible if you want to operate at the highest level. To further expand our expertise, we conducted a detailed survey into the trends, expectations and challenges for companies that are calling on logistic partners on a daily basis. Join us in taking a look at the results …

Communication is key

Among other subjects, we gauged what companies consider to be important in their collaborations with a transport partner. A number of fundamental expectations came to the forefront.

  • Communication
    In first place, companies expect transparent, clear and fast communication (98%). They consider being kept informed of the status of their consignments to be essential.
  • Service
    A professional approach (91%) and solutions for last-minute requests (86%) are decisive in the choice of a transport partner. Companies expect their partners to think with them to develop the best solutions together.
  • Safety and security
    Companies believe it is important that the chosen transport company transports their goods safely and securely. Good follow-up gives peace of mind and the guarantee that goods will arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition.


A trip to the future

We also gauged future possibilities and particularly the extent to which companies consider certain aspects to be relevant to their organisations.

  • Real-time overview
    87% of the companies surveyed expect that they will soon be able to track and trace their transport in real-time.
  • Automatic bookings
    57% see the booking process speeding up. They would very much like to be able to book their transports automatically in the future.
  • Ecological footprint
    Right now, 30% of companies are prepared to pay more for sustainable transport. However, four in every five companies do not currently agree with adjusting the timing of transport to reduce ecological impact. Nonetheless, 40% admit that they would like to have better insight into empty cargo  space in the future. This will avoid unnecessary transport to the benefit of the environment.


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