Last minute shipments

Last minute shipments

3 solutions to get your goods faster at destination

International transport is a very interesting and fast evolving business. A lot of things can influence the original plan you had in mind, such as production breakdown or last minute orders.

If one of these things happen, you can always contact us for a last minute solution. A logistic challenge where we  make the impossible possible; that’s what we love to do!

Did you already think about following last minute options?

Express truck

When you have a shipment up to 12 euro pallets and max 1200kgs that needs to be delivered ASAP a small express truck can be a solution.. Those trucks have the advantage that they can pick up the cargo very fast and drive directly to the end client, without the obliged resting hours that the bigger trucks have.

Dedicated truck

Is your shipment bigger? No problem! A 13.60m tilt truck can pick up your goods and drive to the end client. In this case we will not consolidate or load other goods in the truck. In this scenario you have the lead time of a full load instead of the lead time of a groupage transport, which ensures your goods will arrive faster at their destination.

2 driver’s truck

The dedicated truck is still not fast enough? Again, we accept the challenge! Then we check if we have a truck with double crew available. Here 1 person is driving and the other one is sleeping. They still need to take some resting time together, but not as often as a truck with only 1 driver.

As you can see, we are always willing to help you and search for a creative solution for your logistic issues.

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