Shipment to Ukraine? Why a PP and PD number are important

Shipment to Ukraine? Why a PP and PD number are important

All goods exported to Ukraine, by any type of transportation (road, rail, maritime or air) are subject to customs and border control. All international air and sea ports, railway and road border crossing points together, represent around 80 customs points.

For Ukrainian shipments, since May 1999 a Preliminary Notification (PP) and Preliminary Customs Declaration (PD) is regulated by the Order of the State of Customs Service of Ukraine, depending on customs tariff numbers. By specific request of the importer of the goods, also a CARNET TIR can be required.

What is the difference between PP and PD?

A Preliminary Notification (PP) is a notification in advance that goods are on the way to Ukraine.

A Preliminary Customs Declaration (PD) is a notification in advance that goods are on the way to Ukraine and the importer should provide the financial guarantees of delivery. Import of the goods on Ukraine territory is authorised throughout 30 days from the moment of its registration.

How does it work?

Trucks drive with an export document to the border of Ukraine. Meanwhile the buyer (importer of the goods) needs to announce the import in advance to the customs authorities of. Therefore, he needs to request a PP or PD.

To arrange the PP or PD, the customs authorities need following documents and information:

  • Copy of invoice, proforma;
  • Packing list;
  • Export Customs Declarations of the country of the consignor;
  • CMR;
  • Name of Ukrainian border crossing;
  • Details of the broker;
  • Customs destination office
  • Name of the checkpoint on the State Border

Importance of a PP number

When all these documents are provided, the export document will be closed at the UA-border and the transport can continue with a PP or PD document. It is very important that the driver has the PP or PD number, before he arrives at the Ukrainian border. He needs to give the number to the customs agent in order to have permission to import the goods.

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