Update of SENT system Poland

Update of SENT system Poland

Poland: Updates to the SENT system – What has changed?

Any transporters driving to or even through Poland are now required to play a part in the battle against fraud.

You may be familiar with the SENT system. It aims to eliminate fraud related to VAT, excise duties and other forms of tax. When it first started in Poland in 2017, various goods needed to be registered if they were travelling by road in Poland. Depending on the situation, the sender, the transporter and the person receiving the goods may have needed to register their role in the shipment.

The updated SENT system

An updated and expanded version of the SENT system came into effect on 1 October 2018. If you’re involved in road transport or logistics, you need to know about these new changes. And depending on what you’re transporting, you may be required to register your load and provide tracking information when you’re travelling in Poland.

What type of loads are affected?

The list of items that you need to register has been considerably expanded. It includes everything from dried tobacco and oil to margarine and certain medicines, as well as basically anything else that is susceptible to fraud. You’ll find a copy of the updated list here.  If you’re carrying more than 500 kilograms  or 500 litres of anything on the list, you’ll need to take certain actions.

What do you need to do?

Registering your load when you’re travelling in Poland is no longer enough. If your load includes items that appear on the updated SENT list, you will also need to provide localisation data. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Using a GPS system.
  2. Using the SENT GEO app that was specially designed for the SENT system. You run this app from your smartphone or tablet. It’s available for free from the App store for devices that use the Apple iOS or from the Google Play store for an Android device.

Please contact Vedrova  if you have any questions about these systems or need any assistance setting them up.

What if you’re just passing through Poland?

It makes no difference whether the goods you are transporting are destined for Poland or simply passing through Poland on their way to a different country: your GPS coordinates must be available. If you fail to provide your GPS coordinates, you risk a fine of up to 10,000 złoty (about 2307 euros).

Transition period

There is a transition period during which fines will not be enforced. This period will run only until 31 December 2018. After that, you will be liable for up to 10,000 złoty in fines.

Do you have any questions? Would you like more information about these changes?
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