Why is ECO-driving important for your business?

Why is ECO-driving important for your business?

The consumption and greenhouse gas emissions depend on the way of driving. When using ECO-driving techniques, you can reduce costs and improve safety. With a few simple tips you will already drive a long way.

Be prepared before you start

ECO-driving starts already before you start the road trip.

  • It is crucial to maintain your vehicle. You need to check the engine oil and air filters on a regular base, as well as the tyre pressure.
  • You can avoid traffic jams and unwanted redirects when preparing your route in advance by checking if there are road blocks or roadworks. You will save time and fuel.
  • The more weight you carry, the more fuel you use. So don’t carry unnecessary things with you and leave them at home.

Before you have even driven 1 meter you can already do a lot with a minimum effort.

Off you go!

The difference in costs between regular driving and ECO-driving can be up to 35%

  • Avoid sudden accelerations, hard braking and drive at an even speed. You can do this by looking ahead as far as possible so you are able to anticipate on the traffic.
  • An open window, heating or air conditioning can be nice, but isn’t always needed. An open window increases aerodynamic drag and turning off the heating or air conditioning can save you around 12% fuel.
  • Always monitor your dashboard. If the engine light is turning on, you need to solve it as soon as possible. An engine problem can cause increased emissions and more fuel use.

These are only a few tips for a more economical and ecological way of driving. It is always useful to send your drivers to a special ECO-driving course. You will experience a  reduction of fuel consumption, less greenhouse gasses and even less accidents because drivers are more comfortably and relaxed.


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