Truck drivers shortage: an ever increasing trend in transport

Truck drivers shortage: an ever increasing trend in transport

Economy in Belgium and Europe is still growing. We produce more, so we transport more. Our industry benefits from this. This positive flow also has a darker side. More transportation means more qualified truck drivers and those are becoming scarce.


Young people nowadays choose to have a structured job, well paid and in balance with family life. Being a truckdriver isn’t always the ideal set-up for young families. The working days of the drivers are very long, and they are never sure if they will be sleeping at home each evening.
Some of the truckdrivers choose to quit nowadays, because of the stress they experience while performing their jobs. (You can also reed more about this in our previous blog ‘Why road congestion makes transport planning challenging)

That’s why we see that the average driver’s age is going up and there aren’t enough young drivers to join the team or replace a retired one.


Trucking companies often have enough trucks, but not enough drivers. Trucks standing still on the parking lot, cost a lot because the fixed costs stay the same, even when the trucks aren’t on the road.


We, on the other hand, are not limited to our own crew. Throughout the years we’ve built up good relationships with reliable partners. These long-term relations bring a lot of benefits to our clients. It makes us very flexible, and we can anticipate very quickly on our clients’ increasing demands.
We understand that you need to focus on your core business. You can take care of your clients and we will take care of your goods.

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